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Vector Laboratories and Navinci Diagnostics Announce Strategic Collaboration to Develop Novel Spatial Proteomic Tools Enabling Biomarker Discovery

Introducing innovative tools combining proteomics and glycomics within the spatial context, overcoming previous challenges and advancing the possibilities for biopharma discovery.

NEWARK, Calif.
January 30, 2024

Vector Laboratories, the pioneer of innovative proteomic and glycomic research solutions, and Navinci Diagnostics, leader of innovative in situ proximity ligation assay-based solutions, today announced that they have signed an agreement. This collaboration aims to develop cutting-edge biomarker discovery tools, allowing detection of specific protein glycosylation in tissue samples for the first time. Product launches are scheduled for 2025.

The collaboration between Vector Laboratories and Navinci Diagnostics will empower researchers’ ability to understand the glycosylation state of specific protein targets in the spatial context of tissue. This new innovative approach simplifies the detection of this challenging post-translational modification. Until now, researchers have been limited to visualizing either proteins or glycans but have not had the technology to decipher the relationship between specific proteins and glycans.

“With this agreement, we are combining our long-standing expertise in protein and glycan detection and visualization with Navinci’s top-tier, sensitive in situ proximity ligation technology,” said Lisa V. Sellers, PhD, CEO of Vector Laboratories. “The technology that makes this tool possible will integrate very easily into existing workflows so that the user won’t need to have glycobiology expertise. We believe this will be a transformational approach that will help biopharmaceutical companies expand the depth of information that can be gained from tissue samples.”

Glycosylation has been recognized as an important biomarker for therapeutic development and monitoring. Ongoing scientific advances highlight the instrumental role of glycans in countless processes in health and disease.1 Improved tools for assessing glycosylation, and more specifically, glycosylation of a specific protein in situ, are a valuable addition to research in oncology2, infectious diseases, and neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.3

“This novel technology approach has never been commercially applied before,” said Navinci CEO Robert Gunnarsson, MSc, EMBA. “Vector Laboratories’ established legacy as a pioneer in providing innovative, high-quality tools and reagents makes them a fantastic partner in developing this product. By enabling insight into the functional state of proteins tuned by the glycosylation state, this tool can more precisely inform biomarker identification and drug development, which can ultimately help deliver effective therapeutics for patients worldwide.”

About Vector Labs

Vector Laboratories is a trusted reagent and critical component manufacturing partner, empowering biopharma, life science tools and diagnostics companies to accelerate their ability to provide value to their customers. Vector Laboratories continues to expand its portfolio of products and services, from protein and glycan detection and visualization to bioconjugation linker and dye technologies. Building on 45+ years of experience and unparalleled reputation for a culture of service, proven products, and incomparable technical partnership, Vector Laboratories continues to invest in areas that can support processes from discovery and development to manufacturing and commercialization. For more information, visit the Vector Laboratories website.

 About Navinci Diagnostics

Navinci is a Swedish biotechnology company specializing in developing innovative solutions for studying proteins, protein-protein interactions and post translationally modified proteins in cells and tissues. With a focus and strong legacy in developing in situ proximity ligation assay technology, Navinci has established itself as a center of excellence in the spatial biology field and has a broad portfolio of products that help academic researchers and biopharma study the protein interplay in depth. For more information, visit the Navinci website.


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3 New insight into protein glycosylation in the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Cell Death Discov. 9, 314 (2023). Available at Accessed January 2024

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