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Reliable reagents delivering
high sensitivity and low

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Accurate and reproducible
profiling, characterization, and
capture of complex glycans

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Reliable reagents delivering
high specificity and reduced

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Reliable and quantifiable labeling
delivering ready-to- use
conjugates at high yield

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Custom manufacturing solutions

From linker design and synthesis, bioconjugated design and manufacturing, biomolecule labeling and functionalization, and detection system and solutions, our team is here to help you move forward, with impact.


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Resources and Guides:

The Immunohistochemistry Resource Guide will help you navigate through the many choices of detection systems, substrates, and ancillary reagents that complete your IHC workflow.

Whether you’re just starting off doing IF or are a seasoned researcher, the Immunofluorescence Guide will take you through the important steps and considerations needed for all IF applications.

The Lectin Application Guide provides insight into how lectins are applied in biological sciences and showcases the flexibility and utilization of lectins and lectin conjugates in established lab applications.

SpeakEasy Science Blog:

It Takes Two to Tango, Part 1: Bioconjugation

In the first of our three part series on Bioconjugation, we’ll be exploring what’s involved, how it enables life science research, the challenges associated with it, and the excitement in future work.

It Takes Two to Tango, Part 2: Applications of Bioconjugation

In the previous section, we discussed the methods of bioconjugation. And the marriage of a biomolecule and a small molecule has given rise to various modalities commonly used in biomedical research. Here, we focus on the applications in the fields of therapeutics, diagnostics, protein-protein interactions, and nanotechnology.

It Takes Two to Tango, Part 3: Advantages of Bioconjugation

With knowledge of the applications that bioconjugation can play into, we finish by highlighting its key advantages and critical uses. While the applications are much broader than what we summarize here, we can deduce common threads between these methods.