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BioDesign. Build. Deliver.

Bridge biology and chemistry to find your
optimal bioconjugate linker.

Building and Delivering
Bioconjugate Linkers

The success of new antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) requires expert knowledge of both chemical biology and linker architecture. Collaborating with Vector Laboratories and leveraging our BioDesign™ process gives you access to critical bioconjugation expertise and unique linker IP. These critical elements help to maximize your development versatility, overcome resource constraints, enable you to manufacture at scale, and decrease your time-to-market.

Specialized capabilities

Our chemical biology skillset helps you modify and manipulate linkers to further optimize the performance of your unique ADC candidate.

Expert partner

Our consultative and collaborative approach identifies the optimal linker to unlock the potential of your bioconjugate.


Responsive and attentive bioconjugation support maximizes development versatility, decreases time-to-market, and increases confidence.

Nimble approach

Realize substantial flexibility in business services, an adaptable development path, and the ability to manufacture high-purity linkers at scale.

What is BioDesign?

BioDesign is an expert-guided, collaborative linker development process for bioconjugate therapeutic development.

Selecting and optimizing the right linker for your bioconjugate drug candidate is easy in theory but hard to do alone. BioDesign from Vector Laboratories helps deliver your therapeutic’s potential by harnessing proprietary architectures, incorporating chemical biology expertise, and leveraging more than 20 years of linker experience.


Leverage your linker design to modify the drug-to-antibody (DAR) ratio so that you can modulate potency and hit your target therapeutic index.


Linkers can modulate ADC hydrophilicity, improving solubility, minimizing aggregation, and reducing unwanted clearance.


A linker needs to provide stability in blood plasma to protect from premature drug release and metabolic liabilities, yet remain labile at the target.


Ideal ADC linkers minimize heterogeneity, given that ADCs with mixed structure populations can include fractions with undesirable pharmacological properties and pose analytical challenges.


Explore the importance of linkers in designing bioconjugates of the future including antibody drug conjugates.

Select your fit-for-purpose linkers from our comprehensive toolbox.

Learn about the PEG based platform used in our bioconjugate linkers

Unlock your bioconjugate’s potential with expert-guided linker development

The Science Behind BioDesign

The BioDesign process combines the long-established dependability of Vector Laboratories in enabling the research objectives of life science customers with new proprietary capabilities and technologies. From understanding your bioconjugates’ unique challenges, to collaborating on linker selection strategy, to manufacturing pure materials at-scale, the BioDesign process provides you with expert-guided linker support.

Explore the possibilities

Selecting a linker architecture requires understanding how the relationship between a linker’s structure, drug payload, and drug-to-antibody ratio (DAR) alters efficacy, stability, hydrophilicity, physicochemical properties, and off-target toxicity. BioDesign works through these complexities to build multiple linker options and find the ideal linker that works best.

Linear & Branched
Linear is ideal for loading a single drug onto a single site. Branched includes additional drugs per linker.
Carries a single payload and orthogonal PEG strand for shielding or modifying biochemical properties.
Similar to SideWinder but includes additional attachment points for increased payload with a single conjugation site.
Linkers that mix and match the architectures discussed above.

Design your ADCs with the right partner, right process

BioDesign your ADC candidates and benefit from chemical synthesis mastery, bioconjugation expertise, and 20+ years of linker know-how.

Develop a linker tailored for your unique ADC.
Off-the-shelf and custom options.
Manufacture high-purity linkers to your scale.
Domestic supply
U.S.-based manufacturing and customer service for easy communication and site audits.

Design dPEG® linkers with purity and at scale

Producing and purifying monodisperse PEG linkers requires critical synthetic and polymer chemistry expertise and infrastructure. The proprietary dPEG® scaffold and its patented synthetic manufacturing processes enable Vector Laboratories to synthesize monodisperse linkers with longer lengths (>12 EO), orthogonal branching, greater functional group customization, and superior purity.

Precise linkers
Refined linker synthesis and purification methods produce monodisperse linkers, minimizing oligomeric impurities that can create undesired bioconjugate mixtures.
Proprietary manufacturing processes synthesize linkers with longer lengths and orthogonal branching that contribute to the development of future ADCs.
Detailed in-house orthogonal assessments minimize impurities without sacrificing drug homogeneity and give a more in-depth picture of impurities to ensure you are getting what you need.
Produce high-purity linkers at scale for your project—from discovery to early clinical trials.

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