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Glycan Screening Kits

Glycans are carbohydrate chains linked to lipid or protein molecules through a process called glycosylation. Glycan modifications play critical roles in cell function in both healthy and diseased states from controlling proliferation to modulating the immune response.

Lectins are part of a broader group called glycan-binding proteins that recognize glycan chains and mediate their functionality. Their glycan-specific nature also makes them important tools that can help profile, characterize, and capture complex glycans in biological systems. To explore the complexity of glycan modifications, Vector Laboratories provides convenient kit options with lectins and lectin conjugate panels.  

Glycan Screening Kits

Glysite™ Scout Glycan Screening Kits, Immunofluorescence, are fully integrated kits for the detection of glycan expression in tissue sections. Our curated lectin selection enables the detection of all the major glycan motifs for the evaluation of glycan distribution in a target specimen. In addition to the glycan binders, the kit includes optimized immunofluorescence reagents for glycan detection, including blocking solutions, streptavidin DyLight™, and VECTASHIELD Vibrance® Antifade Mounting Media with DAPI.

Glysite™ Scout Glycan Screening Kit, Immunofluorescence 488​ (GSK-3000)

Glysite™ Scout Glycan Screening Kit, Immunofluorescence 594 (GSK-2000)

Glysite™ Scout Glycan Screening Kit, Immunofluorescence 649 (GSK-1000)

Lectin Screening Kits

Our lectin screening kits provide a panel of lectins or lectin conjugates selected to offer a variety of sugar-binding specificities.

Lectin Kit I

Lectin Kit II

Lectin Kit III


The Lectins Application and Resource Guide is a content rich educational booklet that provides
insight into how lectins are applied in biological sciences. With a focus on plant derived lectins, the guide showcases the flexibility and utilization of lectins and lectin conjugates in established lab applications.