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Request a Bioconjugation Quote

Ready to request a bioconjugation quote? Vector Laboratories custom bioconjugation services utilize SoluLink® bioconjugation technology, which is readily quantifiable, enabling unprecedented control of linker incorporation and degree of conjugation.

Please choose the materials below for your custom bioconjugate. Vector Laboratories scientists have the experience required to conjugate all classes of biomolecules.

Special Instructions / Details / Notes

Please include any additional relevant information about your project. This may include:

  • Sequences of oligos and peptides

  • Vendors and catalog numbers if you would like Vector Laboratories to provide materials for your project

  • Specific volume or concentration requirements

  • Attachment point (5’- or 3’-terminus of oligonucleotides; N- or C-terminus of peptides)

  • Names of molecules such as fluors, proteins, enzymes or drugs

  • Molecular weights, if applicable (PEGs, proteins, drugs)

  • Diameter of magnetic and polystyrene beads, quantum dots and gold nanoparticles

  • Required QC assays such as PAGE, analytical size exclusion chromatography, RP-HPLC, AX-HPLC, mass spec, LC-MS and NMR

  • Additional information which may be applicable to your biomolecule or surface