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Streptavidin, Agarose (SA-5010-2)



Agarose Streptavidin (SA-5010) can be used to separate biotinylated macromolecules from unbiotinylated materials or for solid phase binding assays.


  • Biotin binding activity of the streptavidin optimally preserved through proprietary coupling procedure
  • Low non-specific binding activity of gel
  • Protein concentration is 1 mg streptavidin per ml of settled agarose beads
  • Supplied as a 1:1 suspension in buffer
  • Binding capacity is approximately 1 mole biotinylated HRP per mole streptavidin


Unit Size2 ml
ApplicationsAffinity Chromatography
Concentration1 mg/ml of settled gel
Recommended Storage2-8 °C, DO NOT FREEZE
Solution10 mM HEPES, pH 7.5, 0.15 M NaCl, 0.08% sodium azide.
Recommended UsageWash gel thoroughly with buffer before use.
Matrix ConjugateStreptavidin


Technical Information

Agarose Streptavidin (SA-5010) is prepared by conjugating streptavidin to heat stable, cross-linked 4% agarose gel beads. To ensure minimal steric interference and low nonspecific binding, streptavidin is conjugated through a hydrophilic spacer arm. The procedure we have developed for coupling streptavidin to agarose preserves the biotin binding activity of the streptavidin. Unlike cyanogen bromide coupling, our procedure does not produce conjugates which can be leached from the gel with solutes such as Tris buffer. Our procedure also does not generate charged groups on the gel that can bind proteins nonspecifically.

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