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Vector Laboratories Selects Newark, CA for New Corporate Headquarters

March 16, 2022

Relocation driven by increased demand for Vector Laboratories’ growing areas of focus, glycomics and proteomics

Vector Laboratories, the pioneer of innovative proteomic and glycomic solutions, today opened its new facility in Newark, California, where it will relocate its corporate headquarters this year. The relocation is accompanied by the rebranding and launch of a new corporate website.

The property at 6723-6737 Mowry Ave. has undergone an interior buildout to transform it into a 41,000-square-foot facility to enhance the company’s research and development capabilities, including new laboratory and office space. Key COVID-19 protection measures have also been considered in the construction, including a powerful HVAC system upgrade to provide single-pass air in manufacturing areas, and lab and office areas that are visible to each other but still allow space for physical distancing.

The new space also enables a seamless and efficient workflow environment that will encourage greater productivity between departments. Vector Laboratories plans to take a phased approach to occupying the new space, which will be completed in May 2022.

As other high-profile companies are taking leave of the Bay Area, Vector Laboratories – which has been recognized as a trusted leader in reagents while operating in the region for 45 years – has chosen to deepen its roots by investing in the new manufacturing facility in Newark, just across the Bay from the company’s current headquarters in Burlingame. The company will grow to 80 employees in the Bay Area by the end of 2022.

“We are at the precipice of a bio-revolution, which we’ve seen coming since the company’s founding in 1976, and now accelerated by the pandemic. From academia to commercial businesses, our life science and diagnostics research technologies are being used for complex protein identification and characterization technology worldwide,” said Dr. Lisa Sellers, CEO of Vector Laboratories. “We are excited to join the vibrant community in Newark, and grow along with it.”

Newark life sciences companies have more than doubled in number since 2018 to a total of 35, including both early stage and established ventures. The city is committed to the business community from site selection to ongoing operations. It offers employees amenities and services from a great fitness and aquatic center, to the extensive Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge and many restaurants and childcare programs.

“I am happy to welcome Vector Laboratories to Newark and delighted to cut the ribbon to mark this great occasion for our city. Vector Laboratories is joining the growing number of life sciences ventures in Newark, where small companies of 3 people and large companies of over 1,000 people are finding the perfect place to expand and thrive,” said Mayor Al Nagy, City of Newark. “Newark’s amenities and community continue to attract investment, and we are so pleased that Vector Laboratories selected Newark as its new home.”

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Vector Laboratories empowers scientific advances with innovative proteomic and glycomic solutions. Supporting industries worldwide for 45 years and counting, Vector Laboratories is a trusted manufacturing partner with unmatched technical expertise and a culture of service. Customers rely on Vector Laboratories’ immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry, glycobiology and bioconjugation products and custom manufacturing capabilities to move science forward, with impact. Vector Laboratories’ market-tested product portfolio provides the critical tools researchers need to precisely visualize and study tissues and cells, and to ultimately tackle today’s biggest healthcare challenges. The company’s products and technologies have been cited in more than 350,000 peer-reviewed publications and its catalog and custom products are relied upon by laboratories around the world. Headquartered in Newark, CA, Vector Laboratories includes a global network of more than 40 distributors. For more information about Vector Laboratories, please visit:

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