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Vladimir Timoshevskiy, U. of Kentucky, USA


Vladimir Timoshevskiy

Anaphase of Lamprey embryonic cell during chromosome elimination with multiple bridging chromosomes, hybridized with a probe to repetitive DNA (Cot 2 FISH).  Punctate signals corresponding to centromeres are oriented toward the spindle poles, but lag behind retained chromosomes. Sites of apparent contact between sister chromatids hybridize strongly to Cot 2 DNA, suggesting that repetitive DNA may participate in establishing these contacts.

The sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) represents one of the few vertebrate species known to undergo large-scale programmatic elimination of genomic DNA over the course of its normal development. Our analysis revealed reproducible subcellular features that are associated with the differential segregation of retained and eliminated DNA.

Products used: H-1200-10


Image provided by Olivier Leroux Ghent University, Belgium