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Steffen Rickelt and Jatin Roper, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA


Steffen Rickelt and Jatin Roper

This image shows a section through a mouse liver in which human colorectal cancer-derived organoids (orthotopically-transplanted in the mouse colon) have spread. This liver metastasis shows the invading tumor front (keratin-20, brown tumor cell) – growing from the top of the images towards the bottom – embedded in increasing surrounding connective tissue (fibronectin, green fibers). All nuclei of human tumor cells and the mouse hepatocytes in the lower part of the image were stained with a nuclear membrane marker (lamin A, red round shapes). Slight green staining in the lower part of the image shows connective tissue that surrounds blood vessels in normal liver tissue.

Products used: SP-6000-100,MP-7401,MP-5402