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Christina Pfirschke & Steffen Rickelt, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA

christina pfirschke steffen rickelt

Christina Pfirschke + Steffen Rickelt

The presented image collage shows multiple sections through tumor-bearing lung lobes of mice that received immunogenic drugs. In the center of the individual images, lung cancer tumor nodules are shown, with tumor cells highlighted by nuclear staining, surrounded and permeated by a vasculature meshwork.  This work was done by Dr. Christina Pfirschke (Pittet Lab) Center for Systems Biology, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School and Dr. Steffen Rickelt (Hynes Lab), David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

Products used: SP-6000-100,MP-7401,MP-7402,MP-5401,MP-5402